Next Geneartion Leadership

Are you a passionate wedding photographer? Have you ever thought about the business aspects of wedding photography? If no, participate in our upcoming event ‘next generation leadership’. Hosting by four leading wedding photographers in Kerala, this seminar would analyze what are the business opportunities put forwarded by photography. Rather than an art form, photography also presents some commercial benefits. On 22nd May at The Renai Hotel Palarivattom, the conference will encompass sessions including discussing wedding business tips and all the basics of wedding photography. Interacting with the panel also arranged to share and learn things from the icon photographers.

Registeration Fee : 2500 Rs

Learn Basic Photography

Registeration Fee : 1500 Rs

A Day With The Masters

Photography, the most powerful tool to discover the world translates your thoughts into images. The addictive hobby of photography lies endlessly. It has now grown with numerous branches including, wedding, candid, wildlife, travel, fashion, food etc. Our workshop ‘a day with the masters’ encompassed experts from various photography fields. Being the best platform to learn the basics, the workshop was a successful event with photography enthusiasts from all parts of the state. The components used in each photography genre will be different. The apt usage of tones, lighting, and other elements constitutes the beautiful photograph. From this event, the delegates got a great opportunity to learn from the successful photographers. The workshop delivered all the important aspects of photography. The experts who have hosted the workshop took the event to a different level.

Registeration Fee : 1200 Rs

Daily Life

This event offered the professional photographers, photography enthusiasts, videographers, students, and educators an opportunity to exhibit their photography skills. Curtailing daily life into the size of a frame is not easy. For that, you need to be an observant of surroundings. In 2016, we provided such an occasion to give life to their frames. Our photography competition was a symposium of daily life in which participants were success in reflecting various elements of day-to-day life. Each photograph portrayed different stories about chaotic and beautiful life and with strong spectacles, those photographs accomplished complete meaning. The competition also helped the participants coalesced there to add extra pages in the portfolio. Choosing the best among the repertoire of photographs was hard. We found Sreedharan Vadakkancheri’s photo conveying the whole elements of a daily life. The entrant recognized that the kitchen contains the comprehensiveness of an everyday life.


All India photography contest conducted in 2015 was based on Pictorialism. Rather than taking photos on the common ideas, pictorial photography goes beyond the framework and immerse to the depth of emotions. Pictorial photography creates an emotional realm on the viewers. It completes the art of photography with the modicum of aesthetic elements. With this movement, the camera also joined with paintbrush and chisel evoking the aesthetic values. Pictorial style of photography brings emotional intent among the viewers with the dark setting and connects to the world of art in a different way. The contest was a quest for the most eligible photograph which reaches the zenith of artistic beauty.


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